Our meeting locations and times vary depending on whether or not the upcoming Sunday is a Gathered Worship or a Scattered Worship Sunday. On Scattered Worship Sundays, we do not meet at a set time or location, but rather spend the time loving our neighbors, serving our city, or taking a corporate sabbath.

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This week: Gathered Worship

Gathered Worship

Sunday Mornings – 10AM – 3875 S. Staples St.

Scattered Worship

Scattered Worship always occurs on the last Sunday of every month. Scattered Worship takes shape as one of three options: Love Your Neighbor, Corporate Serve, or Sabbath.

Love Your Neighbor Sundays take place right in your own neighborhood as you pursue deeper and more meaningful relationships with your neighbors. Corporate Serve Sundays occur at various locations throughout the city. Details about serve opportunities, locations, and times will be posted as the date approaches. Finally, Sabbath Sundays occur in whatever environment that brings rest to your body and soul.

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