Scattered Worship

Scattered Worship refers to the last Sunday of each month. On those Sundays worship will still take place, but not with preaching, singing, and ordinances. On those Sundays we will worship through working for the welfare of our city, loving our neighbors well, and taking a sabbath. We will provide a quarterly schedule of Scattered Worship dates including the corresponding information and instruction about what we are inviting our people to do on that day.

We love the idea of Scattered Worship for a couple of reasons. First of all we are creating space in our lives to actually live out what we profess to believe. We think that is huge. Secondly, we are building into our DNA, that worship is more than a weekly experience of preaching and singing. Despite our deep belief in and love for corporate worship gatherings, we recognize that for too long we have settled for an idea of worship that has been narrowly oriented around a building and an event. We are working to re-orient around a fuller, more biblical picture of worship. In Isaiah 1 and Amos 5 the people of God are harshly rebuked for their gatherings – gatherings instituted and commanded by God Himself – because despite their meetings they had neglected love for and service to the oppressed.  Scattered Worship reminds us true worship finds its fullest expression when it is more than gatherings, preaching, and songs. (James 1:27)