What if I am coming from another church in Corpus Christi?

We believe there are plenty of biblically sound reasons for someone to leave a local church. We also believe in light of scriptures like Matthew 5:23-24 that there is a right way to leave a local church. We have found the following resources to be helpful in determining how to leave a local church for the right reasons and in the right way.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Leaving Your Church

How do I get involved?

Emmaus Church is organized around meeting rhythms intentionally designed to offer multiple “front doors.”  You are welcomed and encouraged to join us at any of our Gathered Worship SundaysScattered Worship Sundays, or at a House Church.  Two things which will help you transition into our family more smoothly are:

  • Join REALM, our online tool for communication and organization

  • If you know someone in a House Church nearby, by all means, jump right in.  Our House Churches are accustomed to having new folks drop in.  If you don’t know anyone at a house church then contact us and we will help shepherd you into a house church.

How do I become a covenant partner?

  1. Read The Gospel by Ray Ortland and Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman before attending the partnership classes. These books are available at our corporate gathering at no cost to you.

  2. Attend partnership classes. Classes are offered 3 to 5 times throughout the year. They are offered on 2 consecutive Sundays that are 2 hours each. Classes will be advertised on REALM. Until the next classes are offered feel free to act like a covenant partner by attending gathered worship, participating in scattered worship, joining a house church, and even a fight club if possible.

  3. You can pick up a Covenant Partnership Booklet which will be used at the partnership classes anytime during one of our corporate gatherings upon request.

How to Best Use Our Online Network (REALM)

What is the Online Network?

Rather than merely encouraging virtual community, the purpose of Emmaus’ online network through REALM is to enhance actual relationships within the church body.  In our decentralized model of “a family of disciples on mission”, this tool will help keep us unified as “one church,” will help leaders take better care of our people, and will help you take care of one another.  This network called REALM is designed to keep those in the Emmaus family connected in various ways.  It’s open to anyone involved with Emmaus:  disciples of Jesus and folks who aren’t, committed and newcomers, young and old.

On the “family” level, we’ll use it to post information, event RSVP’s and task/needs sign-ups for gatherings; to throw out discussion topics, and it will essentially serve as our “church directory” – only better, because it’s way more interactive than those 1980’s church directories!  On the individual level, it gives you contact info for other Emmaus folk; it allows you to get involved in various groups and gatherings; you can update your profile, send messages, give online and even chat with folks.  It keeps you connected to your House Church throughout the week.  And you can start your own discussions and events, ask questions, and share prayer requests and needs with others.

In summary, it’s a tool to help build real relationships. But it only works if we’re all involved.  So jump on, set up your profile, experiment with the network, and let us know if you have questions – use it as the great tool it is!

To join REALM, talk to one of our volunteers at one of our Sunday gatherings. You can also contact one of our leaders on our CONTACT US page who can assist you with getting connected on REALM.