Unity & Diversity

By nature, the triune God exists in a state of perpetual, absolute, and unbreakable unity. Therefore, one of the primary results of faith in the gospel is unity. A lack of unity on our part with other brothers and sisters, whether they be in our own church, in our city or elsewhere, is either a lack of faith in, or a forgetting of the gospel. One of the main things Jesus prayed for before going to the cross to secure our reconciliation to God was for unity among his followers. Each year the Emmaus body joins with other local churches for their gatherings on Unity & Diversity Sunday as a tangible expression of the unity found in the Gospel.

Love Your Neighbor Sunday

On “Love Your Neighbor Sundays” we aim to pursue deeper and meaningful relationships with the people that we live life in close proximity with everyday: our neighbors. For some this may look like simply walking next door and meeting our neighbors for the first time. For others it may look like meeting a specific need of a neighbor or even doing something fun for the entire block. Whatever it looks like, our objective is to love our neighbors well and make the Gospel known

Serve Sunday

On “Serve Sundays” we will work together as a body for the welfare our our city. These might be through a single serve project that we all participate in, or it might be multiple projects across the city, each with the purpose of loving and serving our city. Anyone can participate in our Serve Events, whether you are an Emmaus Church partner or a guest. Details about Serve Events will be posted on The City as the date approaches.

Sabbath Sunday

A “Sabbath Sunday” is simply a day that is set aside to give rest to our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. Taking a Sabbath may look different to each individual. You should feel free to do anything that brings rest to your body and soul as an act of worship for the ultimate purpose of glorifying God.